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Ashton and I always knew that we wanted to introduce the concept in the UK,  but being based in South Africa we could not give it the hands-on attention it deserved.  When our family moved back to the UK in 2019, we immediately started developing the program for the UK market.  


We are both passionate about JuniSol and are thrilled to be doing something that makes a difference. 


Since I was 3 I knew I wanted to be a teacher. After finishing my GCSE’ studies, I moved to Bath, UK to study childcare.  It was during this time that I came to realise the value in the program Daleen had developed.  I went onto develop my knowledge further working for a Montessori nursery school in Johannesburg.  The time is now right for me 

  make a difference within the youth, of the future helping them understand the world around them. 

Having been in the corporate world for too many years to mention, I am now in a position to do something I am passionate about.  Having seen the results of this program first-hand I am excited to do everything necessary to make it easy for educators to introduce our fun, interactive  life lessons to the children under their care


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