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Junior Social Emotional Learning 

JuniSol is a curriculum designed to make it easy and fun for teachers to educate their class in important life skills on a social and emotional level.

Our lessons provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge, self-esteem and increase their confidence in their own abilities.  When we teach children how to behave courteously and show respect toward others, we empower them with valuable tools that help them thrive in any situation.


Our lessons assist in the development of good sense and the capacity to choose intelligently. Our puppets demonstrate choice in challenging situations or environments and the consequence thereof.

Why Junisol Matters

Our Mission

To work with schools, educators, and parents in improving social development and promote necessary life skills in children

Our Vision 

To be the default for educators and parents when laying the foundation for the early fundamental life skills development

Our Promise 

To support teachers and parents in the continued development of their children’s emotional and social development .

What WE Do

We are passionate about developing lessons and activities that engage children and support their early childhood development.

Our Curriculum

Teaching Life Skills has never been easier. 

Our carefully crafted lessons are aimed at 4 to 5 year-olds. At this age, they begin to show more co-operation with children around them, use direct requests and are more inclined to chat and pretend play. 


The JuniSol curriculum includes everything you need to easily start teaching these valuable life skills

We include all the lesson plans, activities and worksheets you need to help the children learn how to behave in a range of social situations.   The results being that they experience more positive interaction with those around them.



We use Puppets to demonstrate to the children what reaction they can expect when they use a good manner or life skill presented and the reaction they can expect when they don’t!

Lesson Plans

Interactive lessons are carefully planned to spark the interest of children and encourage lively discussion


Fun activities designed to enhance social development and reinforce the life skill and/or concept learnt


The children have pride in showing what they have learnt and by doing the worksheet at home we are involving the parents.


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